Two channel and four channel used pro audio amplifiers from QSC, Lab.gruppen, d&b, Crown, Yamaha, Camco, Crest, and many more

QtyMakeModelDescriptionEachEach + vat
1Lab GruppenC28:44 x 700w 2U Ex Demo Boxed as new£1,370£1,644.00
1QSCPLX24022 x 700w 2U£350£420.00
7QSCRMX24502 x 750w 2U£350£420.00
4QSCPL2302 x 900w 2U£450£540.00
1QSCPL2362 x 1100w 2U£550£660.00
1Lab GruppenC48:44 x 1200w 2U Ex Demo Boxed as new£1,550£1,821.25
1QSCRMX4050HD2 x 1400w 3U£720£864.00
1Lab GruppenC88:44 x 2100w 2U Ex Demo Boxed£1,780£2,136.00
1Lab GruppenPLM10000QOEM Turbosound version 4 x 2300w 2U Speakon£1,990£2,388.00
1Lab GruppenPLM20000Q BP4 x 4400w 2 U£2,600£3,120.00
2d&bD12Two channel amp with DSP NL4£1,400£1,680.00
1d&bE-Pack V11 x 150w into 4ohms or 300w into 8ohms£225£270.00
1d&bE-Pack V31 x 150w into 4ohms or 300w into 8ohms£350£420.00
1QSCCM16aAmplifier network monitor for PL & PL2 Series£115£138.00

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