Mixing Desks

We carry a large stock of Allen & Heath, Soundcraft and Yamaha analogue used mixing desks, as well as the latest digital mixing consoles

QtyMakeModelDescriptionEachEach + Vat
13BehringerZMX82108ch 3-Bus Mic/Line Zone Mixer£45£54
1DigcoD1 v4Dig Desk cased with Dig Rack 56in 24 out +AES/EBU card£6,400£7,680
1MidasXL20040 mono 8 stereo Cased With 2 x PSU£9,995£11,994
2PioneerDJM900 Nexus4ch Club mixer in case£1,200£1,440
1SoundcraftLX7 MK132/4 desk cased£400£480
4SoundcraftSeries 5 MonitorMatrix Modules as New£40£48
1SoundcraftMH340ch cased with 2 x PSU
1SoundcraftSM1240ch cased with 2 x PSU
Package Deal of MH3 and SM12£5,000£6,000
1SoundcraftVi6work surface converted in 2018 to Vi600 96 channels 3 XDSP cards in Local rack
1Soundcraft64/32Stage Box
2150m Optocore all in Packhorse case
1Total Package price£13,750£16,500
1YamahaSB168ESDig stage box new£1,990£2,388
1YamahaSB168ESDig stage box£900£1,080
2YamahaDME64NDigital Mixing Engine£900£1,080
2YamahaMY16ES64Card New£650£780
1YamahaLS9 - 32Digital Desk Cased in Excellent condition£2,200£2,640
1YamahaLS9-3232 ch Digital Desk no case£2,000£2,400
1YamahaRio 1608-DDante 16 mic/line inputs 8 line outputs stage box£2,150£2,580
2YamahaRIO 3224DDante 32 mic/line inputs 16 line outputs +4 stereo AES/EBU stage box£4,500£5,400
1YamahaM7CL/4848ch Digital desk no case£2,200£2,640
1Yamaha01V96Digital Desk no case£500£600
1YamahaTF324 mic/line Digital desk no case£1,600£1,920
1YamahaCL3New listing 64 Mono 8 Stereo cased in excellent condition under 4 years old£11,995£14,394
YamahaCL572 Mono 8 StereoPOA
YamahaCL364 Mono 8 StereoPOA
YamahaCL148 Mono 8 StereoPOA
YamahaQL564 Mono 8 StereoPOA
YamahaQL132 Mono 8 StereoPOA
YamahaRIO 3224DStage Box 32 in 16 out with 4 x AES EBU Outputs connects to desk via DANTEPOA
YamahaRIO 1608DStage Box 16 in 8 out with 4 x AES EBU Outputs connects to desk via DANTEPOA

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