Radio Microphones

Quality used radio microphones and radio mic systems for convenient cable free operation

QtyMakeModelDescriptionEachEach + vat 
1AKGWMS 40PTSystem with Pocket TX ISM2£60£72.00
1AKGSR40Wireless Receiver UK69A£40£48.00
1AKGSR40Wireless Receiver UK69B£40£48.00
3AKGSR40Wireless Receiver ISM2£40£48.00
1AKGSR40Wireless Receiver ISM1£40£48.00
2AKGSR40 DiversityWireless Receiver 69A£60£72.00
1AKGWMS51HTSystem 174.500£36£43.20
2AKGWMS51PTSystem 175.000£36£43.20
2AKGWMS51PTSystem 173.800£36£43.20
1AKGWMS51HTSystem 236.575£36£43.20
1AKGWMS80HTSystem with Hand Held TX 69B£150£180.00
2AKGWMS80PTSystem with Pocket TX UK69A£150£180.00
1AKGWMS81PTSystem with Pocket TX UK69A£150£180.00
4AKGWMS 60HTSystem with Hand Held TX UK1£130£156.00
2AKGWMS 60PTSystem with Pocket TX UK1£130£156.00
1AKGWMS61HT/PTSystem with Handheld and Pocket TX UK1£150£180.00
14AKGVMK 900/ACables£5£6.00
1AKGMK900/100Cable on Drum New£80£96.00
10ShureUHFR-DUR4D+ Dual systems G1E (470-530 mhz)£2,500£3,000.00
comes with 2 x UR1 belt packs 2 x UR2 SM58 Handhelds Mint
4ShureULX S4Radio Reeciver 829 to 865 Mhz
4ShureULX S3Handhelds with SM58 Capsules 829 to 865 Mhz
1ShureUA844Antenna DA
1Total Price£950£1,140.00

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