Signal Processors

A selection of used signal processors including crossover/limiters, equalisers, noise gates, compressors, signal splitters and system controllers

QtyMakeModelDescriptionEachEach + vat
Compressors / Limiter
1BSSOpal 422Dual compressor/De-esser£180£216.00
1BSSDPR404Quad Compressor£400£480.00
1DBX1074Quad Gate£180£216.00
1BSSDPR 504Quad Gate£180£216.00
Crossover / System Controller
1BSS3088ML8 in 8 out sound web New£699£838.80
1DBXDriverack PA2 in 6 out System controller£100£120.00
1DBX DriverackZC-BOBBreakout Box£30£36.00
3DBX DriverackZC4Program Selection£30£36.00
1DBX DriverackZC3EUProgram Selection£30£36.00
1Formula SoundAVC2Limiter / Automatic Volume Control£250£300.00
1Martin AudioDX1.52 in 6 out Loudspeaker Management£800£960.00
4QSCCM16aAmplifier Network Monitor for PL & PL2 Series£115£138.00
1XTADP2002 in 4 out loudspeaker Management£200£240.00
XTADP4484 in 8 out loudspeaker Management New full warranty£1,995£2,394.00
Effects Processors
1E-MagicUnitor 8 rev 3Midi Port£100£120.00
1Mark of UnicornDigital TimepieceDigital Timepiece£100£120.00
1Mark of UnicornMidi Timepiece IIMidi Timepiece II£100£120.00
1Motu129612in and out A to D D to A£490£588.00
1XTARTA1AAnalyser with Mic£400£480.00
5XTAGQ600Dual 30 Band Graphic EQ£499£598.80

About our audio equipment

Crystal Pro Audio carries a large stock of quality used signal processors, available to ship anywhere in the world from our central warehouse in Surrey, UK. All used audio equipment is covered by a comprehensive three month warranty.

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