Speaker Brackets

A selection of used speaker brackets for wall mounting, ceiling mounting, or assembling speaker clusters

QtyMakeModelDescriptionEachEach + vat
12TurbosoundCB55ACeiling Brackets Black£20£24.00
6TurbosoundFB440-UH2Down Fill Bar Black£10£12.00
15TurbosoundTHL2HFlying Swords£10£12.00
16TurbosoundWB100Brackets in White£20£24.00
16TurbosoundCB100Brackets in Black£20£24.00
2TurbosoundTSE111Flying Frames£20£24.00
2TurbosoundFB-760/3W3-wide Floodlight fly bars
24TurbosoundFC-780Flying Chain 12 x Left 12 x Right



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