Speaker Cabinets

Passive, active, and powered used loudspeakers from the best brands always in stock

QtyMakeModelDescriptionEachEach + vat
2AudiocenterVHLA-151x15", 1x1.4", Neo, high quality waveguide mid-top£1,150£1,380
12d&bQ72 way 2 x 10" + 1.3HF NL4 cased in pairs c/w bracket stand adapter£1,500£1,800
6d&bQ-Sub18" Sub bass NL4 c/w wooden lid and soft cover£1,100£1,320
2EVXi1152/6415" + 2" speaker 60 by 40 Dispersion Cased in Pairs£600£720.00
14JBLVT48893-Way 2 x 15" low 4 x 8" mid 3 x 1.5 HF As new
8JBLVT4880Dual 18" Subwoofer in excellent conition
2JBLVT 4889AFFull Size Fly Frame
14JBLVT4889Accesory Kit Cover ,Dolly Rigging Bars
8JBLVT4880Accesory Kit Cover ,Dolly Rigging Bars
Few spare splay bars and Covers
2BSSFDS 334TMindrive Controler set for VT4880/4889

Total Price

1JBLControl 23White£35£42.00
1JBLControl 3010" + HF Full Range Ex Demo £250£300.00
1JBLControl 1 6.5" + .75 HF Black£20£24.00
8L'AcousticsArcs15" + 3" HF comes with Covers sold in pairs£950£1,140.00
4L'AcousticsKilo12" bass Speaker in White£750£900.00
2Martin AudioWMX Hybrid18" Horn and reflex load Sub bass sold as a pair£3,800£4,560.00
2NexoPS88" + HF cased in Pairs£330£396.00
2NexoRS152 x 15" Carpeted Subs with flying /stacking Hardware and Dolly£1,450£1,740.00
1OutlineEidos215S2 x 15" Subwoofer New£699£838.80
2OutlineEidos118S1 x 18" Band-Pass Subwoofer New£699£838.80
1TurbosoundNuQ6-WH 6.5" + 1" HF in White boxed£170£204.00
1TurbosoundB18DP18" Sub Bass Self -Powered Ex Demo £890£1,068.00
1TurbosoundImpact 352-Way 3.5 LF + HF Black Ex Demo£30£36.00
4TurbosoundImpact 35T2-Way 3.5 LF + HF Black Pairs New£123£147.60
4TurbosoundImpact 35TWH2-Way 3.5 LF + HF White Pairs New£123£147.60
2TurbosoundImpact 55T2- Way 5" + HF pairs New£164£196.80
1TurbosoundImpact 65TWH2- Way 2 x 5" + HF pairs in White Ex Demo£120£144.00
4TurbosoundTFM 250Bi-amped 2-way 12" + 2" HF Cased in Pairs£200£240.00
1TurbosoundMilan M18B18" Powerd Sub As New£420£504.00
2TurbosoundFB-760/3W3-wide Floodlight fly bars
24TurbosoundFC-780Flying Chain 12 x Left 12 x Right

Total Price

4TurbosoundTFA 600HW DPPowered Flex Wide 2 x 10" + 6.5 HF cased in pairs£1,500£1,800.00

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